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By William A Dalpe

After the Bell Rings Book

After the Bell Rings Book

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There is no better teacher than a parent or guardian. The After the Bell Rings book covers a variety of subjects including potentially lifesaving topics centered around our youth. Created by a father of three, After the Bell Rings is intended for parents to read the book themselves and then discuss the topics covered with their children. The content in the book enables parents and guardians to apply or modify the concepts and methodologies to their own environments and home situation.

“It is my firm belief that if we engrain this knowledge consistently in our youth, they will not only retain it but carry over this knowledge and mental mindset into their young adult life. It is shocking to me just how many people, especially our younger generation, are not situationally aware. All you need to do is ‘people watch’ in a public setting to witness this. The passion for protecting our youth and giving them the knowledge to own their personal safety is what fueled the writing of this book and the development of this program. Violence and abuse against children are unacceptable.” – William Dalpe – Author of After the Bill Rings


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