An introduction to situational awareness through short story scenarios that will keep your child captivated...


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Book aims to instill important safety concepts in kids. Review of “After The Bell Rings” By John Petrolino

"All in all, I’d say this book is worth a read and exploring with your middle school/high school aged youths in your life. I’d recommend reading it cover to cover before passing it off to any kids, so you have the ability to strike a dialogue should the situation arise. If the book just plants the seed of personal responsibility and self-awareness into whoever picks it up, I’d say Dalpe achieved his goal. The text should get kids thinking, and the ball rolling on them navigating the world not as easy prey to the criminal or nefarious element. Perhaps this book is the prerequisite material for becoming a sheepdog in a world of wolves..."

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The After the Bell Rings (ATBR) program fills a gap that exists in educating our youth and goes way beyond the  “stay away from strangers” statement. It deep dives into the “whys” and more importantly the “how’s” of observing and avoiding danger in the first place and what to do if you find yourself in a bad situation. These methodologies presented can be applied to any situation thereby giving our youth the tools they need to stay safe in any given situation especially when alone or not in the present of a parent or caregiver.

For parents, enabling your kids to be accountable for their personal safety can be a worrisome time, and is why this program was developed. To help parents and educators to convey these important strategies and methodologies. This program can be tailored to any age group and is a standalone program however you can use this to supplement another program you teach.


Our Become an Instructor course includes an instructor tool kit that contains all that you will need to teach including our Instructor Guide, PowerPoint, Instructor Notes, 10 copies of the After the Bell Rings book, and a custom certificate


- Must currently be an instructor, youth leader, teacher, or religious education teacher

- Read and sign the Instructor Agreement

- Schedule and participate in 1/2 hour Zoom meeting with Bill


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